Finally, I got a tomato

Yesterday I went out and picked my first tomato from my cherry tomato plant.  Not sure how I managed to get it before the squirrels but I have finally harvested a tomato.  It’s just a wee one and still needs a bit more red in its cheeks.  I was afraid to leave it on the plant because of those pesky squirrels so it is now resting on the window sill for its last bit of sun.  There are several other small tomatoes on the plant so I’ll be keeping an eye on them.  Hopefully I’ll be able to snatch them before the squirrels find them.  It’s getting late in the year for tomatoes but I live in hope that they get enough sun to ripen.

Now for something a little different … check out for a story that will touch your heart.  May we all be as sensitive to others as the cab driver and may we meet such a person when/if we reach the lady in the pillbox hat’s situation.

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