Orchids are sexual!

Today’s seminar topic was orchids.  The presenter said they are very sexual.  In fact, the word “orchid” is a Greek word which refers to a man’s genitalia and was given to the flowers some hundred of years B.C. because it was thought the plants bore a resemblance to the human.   In Victorian England women were not allowed to have orchids because they were too sexual for their sensibilities.  Isn’t it amazing what you can learn at a seminar!

The presenter works in the orchid greenhouses at the Missouri Botanical Gardens and describes orchids as her passion (there’s that sexual connection again).  She had beautiful slides of various species of orchids.  Some grow on or in the ground; others grow in trees and some even grow on rocks.  They are found on all the continents except Antarctica.  The Botanical Gardens has about 8,500 specimens in its collection.  Most orchids are pollinated by insects and each specie of orchid has its own specific insect pollinator.  Just any bug flying by won’t do.

Listening to the presenter today brought back memories of various orchid corsages I was given years ago.  I haven’t seen any like those in years.  I’d love to have another one for some special occasion.

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2 Responses to Orchids are sexual!

  1. I like your blog about orchids and sex. I am around orchids all the time and enjoy reading articles about them and posting comments on orchid blogs. Thanks for sharing and letting me post a note on your blog.

  2. tjhagger says:

    I came to the conclusion that orchids were sexual on my recent trip to Kew Gardens, however I thought they looked more like female parts! Check out the post and photos: http://tjhagger.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/kew-gardens/

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