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A blast from the past

A few months ago, KMOX-AM (1120 on the radio dial) started a new program at 8 p.m. on Saturday evening called Route 66.  During this five-hour period, music is played.  This is a little unusual because normally KMOX is a … Continue reading

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A new-to-me author

The last time I went to the library, I found a new-to-me author on the mystery shelves.  Gillian Roberts writes interesting mysteries set in Philadelphia.  The main character is a high school English teacher.  The stories are set in her … Continue reading

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An evening with Lily Chin

Lily Chin is a name readers of Knitters magazine will recognize.  So will knitters who attend the Stitches Conferences the magazine sponsors.  She’s known as a designer (her costumes for the annual banquet at the Conferences are always eagerly anticipated) … Continue reading

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Comment etiquette

I was reading the The Iceland Weather Report blog the other day and YT reported she had between 200 and 400 readers but only two people had left a comment.  I, of course, have no where near that many readers and … Continue reading

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Post-election thoughts

Yesterday was a primary election where I live.  I worked as an election judge.  It’s a job I had never given much thought to before this year when I became one.  Are you aware that the folks who work in … Continue reading

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Headache … new alarm clock

Several times a week I wake up with a headache.  I’m not sure what causes them.  It could be the high mold count; it could be clenching my teeth while I sleep; it could be lots of other reasons.  What … Continue reading

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