Quiet social whirl

I’ve having a bit of a quiet social whirl this holiday weekend.  Last night I attended The Untalent Show at church.  This is a fund raiser sponsored by the Youth Department to raise funds for Sheaves for Christ which supplies vehicles for missionaries, printing presses, other needed equipment plus grants scholarships, supplies items needed at the church orphanage, etc.  This is the fourth year they’ve done this.  It’s always a fun night.  There is a line-up of acts, usually by different youth.  This year there were two stand-up comedians, one blacklight sign-language song, a dramatization of Jonah inside the while by some very young folks using a tape from Veggie Tales, and a duet by two senior citizens and others on the program.  As the pastor said when he announced the event, sometimes we learn about some new talented folks and sometimes we learn who doesn’t have talent.  They sell popcorn, nachos, pretzels, soda and bottled water during the performance.  After everyone has performed, the audience votes — with dollars — for the best act.  All funds raised including ticket sales to the show, refreshment sales, and the votes go to Sheaves for Christ.  Last night, thanks to some attending grandparents, the youngest group who did the Jonah number won with over $300 in votes.

This afternoon I attended the 70th birthday party of a friend.  This was a surprise, planned by her family.  The party was held in the fellowship hall of the church she attends.   One of her nieces also has a birthday this weekend and she thought the party was for her niece.  Her family had invited people from the various churches she has attended, people she worked with, people she meets for coffee, family members, etc.  Her grand-daughter had made a book for her using photos she had collected from a number of people.  It was made by Snapfish and is a neat gift.  If I can round up enough photos, I might do something similar for my sister’s birthday next year.  It’s going to be one of those “important” ones.  The family also had a slide show of pictures projected on a screen in one corner of the room.

What a nice laid-back party it was!  There was lots of good food to munch, tables set up for people to sit and chat, and although I’m sure there were lots of stretched nerves getting everything together, everyone there seemed to be having a good time.  The various groups of people sort of sat with the ones they knew.  The guest of honor made her way from group to group.  She introduced me to several of them.  I had a very nice time which surprised me a little bit because outside of a few family members I’ve met, I didn’t know anyone there.

Unless someone unexpectedly invites me to do something else this weekend, that ends my social whirl for the holiday.  I intend to write some letters over the holiday and visit with some of my far-flung friends that way.  Some will get email letters; others will get paper letters.

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