The lure of a new project

After I finished my Ruffly Scarf the other day, I faced a big decision.  What to knit now?  I have a number of started projects.  Should/would I finish one of them?  That would be the sensible thing to do.  So did I do it?  Of course not!  I succumbed to the lure of starting a new project.

I’m now working on the mitered square vest featured on the cover of the September issue of Creative Knitting.  I have five skeins of Berella So Soft in a white/blue/green variegation.  I think that’s enough to knit this vest so I’ve started.  It’s knit in four pieces.  Once I get one ball of yarn knitted up, I’ll know if I have enough to finish the entire vest. 

Getting started was a bit of a pain.  First, I didn’t allow enough of a “tail” when I was casting on.  The second try saw me putting the miter in the wrong spot.  Guess I don’t count so well.  I ripped that back to the cast on and started again.  Three times is a charm.  This time it appears to be going well. 

It’s always interesting to me to see how the color changes work out when working with a variegated yarn.  I thought this might be even more interesting since it’s a mitered square design.  We’ll see.  This is my newest “computer project.”  These are projects I work on while reading email and blogs.  I’m ignoring the previous two which are here pining away, hoping for completion.

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