Yea! A FO!

I finally have a Finished Object that isn’t baby-related.  I finished a ruffly scarf on Tuesday at my knitting group.  I have one knitting student.  She purchased a similar scarf a few months ago and brought it to me.  The ladies she purchased it from had given her a roughly written pattern and she wanted to know how to knit this.  She’s a big scarf knitter.  Doesn’t really like to knit things which aren’t flat.

So I found a skein of Red Heart acrylic yarn in a variegated color in my stash.  I only had one skein of it and decided I’d just knit the entire thing up into a Ruffly Scarf.  Of course, I got sidetracked by the need to knit forty-eleven baby gifts since the first of the year.  Perserverance pays off … I have a finished scarf.  Most people who have seen me working on it have commented on the colors.  I’m not sure how to describe them; there’s some rose/mauve/green and who knows what else in that yarn.  I just know that it will compliment a lot of my wardrobe.  The other comment I’ve gotten when I said it was Red Heart yarn was how soft it was.  No one wanted to believe me.  However, I knit the scarf on size 10.5 needles and it does feel soft to the hand.  No one will ever mistake it for merino wool or any of the soft animal fibers.  But for an inexpensive acrylic yarn, it knitted up very nice.

My student?  She hasn’t started her scarf yet.

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