A simple pleasure

Today I was reminded of a simple pleasure when I got the mail from my mailbox out on the curb.  As I walked back to the house, I flipped through and — lo — there’s a personal letter from a friend in this handful of envelopes!  What a treat to share in someone else’s life through a letter.  What made this even more enjoyable is that this friend lives in England, a long way from me.  Yet through the simple means of a letter, I can share her life. 

Recently someone responded to a comment I had left on his blog which asked about hobbies that he wondered if anyone wrote letters.  I can’t speak for lots of people but I’m proud to say that I have friends who still write letters.  Some put pen to paper; others type their letters.  Others send email messages.  It doesn’t matter to me what form their conversations with me takes.  The important thing is that they thought enough of me to write to me … in a letter, on a postcard, in an email or even a comment left on my blog. 

It’s a simple pleasure, this sitting down with a glass of iced tea and a letter from a friend and one I value highly.

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