Squirrels refuse to share tomatoes

Those pesky squirrels who took my “big” tomato have come back.  They very neatly picked all four of the small nickel size tomatoes off the other plant.  They absolutely refuse to share with me.  It has been suggested the reason they do this is that they want the moisture which is in the tomatoes.  With as much rain as we’ve had this spring/summer, you’d think they could find plenty of water without bothering my tomatoes.  After all, it seems to rain every other day. 

I guess I’ll give up thinking I might get even one small tomato this year.  But I’m looking for hints and tips on what to do to solve this problem for next year.  Two suggestions I’ve had so far were:

  1. place pans of water at a distance from the tomato plants so the squirrels can get their desired moisture without touching my tomatoes. 
  2. plant a whirl-a-gig, windmill type thing alongside the plant to distract the squirrels

Have you got any ideas?  Have you tried them?  What was your success?  I’m tired of growing tomatoes for the squirrels.

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