Summer eating

The temperature was in the mid 90s today and that prompted me to wonder about what to eat in this hot weather.  It seems too hot to cook, even with air conditioning.  Yet, the body needs food.  What do you eat in hot weather?  I usually think of Mom’s tuna/pea/macaroni salad.  This with sliced tomatoes makes a cool easy to fix supper.  Mom used to bake (!) bran muffins to go with it but I don’t usually want to turn on the oven in this kind of heat so I skip the muffins.

I have a couple of other light meals I like in hot weather that do require 30 minutes in the oven.  They are all variations of a crustless quiche sort of dish.  One is an Impossible Ratatouille, another has grated zucchini and cheese in it and third one has a mixture of vegetables in it.  All are quite tasty and make a light meal.

I was at the band concert last night and saw a number of people picnicking before it started.  Pat doesn’t like to picnic so we never do that but it’s interesting to see what people have brought in their coolers.  Usually there is some kind of interesting looking salad.  One couple near us had a chicken leg/thigh as part of their supper.  One man had brought small bottles of wine.  We didn’t see what he was eating with it.  And, of course, there was the woman who bought a hot dog and a bag of chips from the refreshment stand for her supper.

Do you cook differently in the summer?  What are some of your favorite hot weather meals?

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