Finally said, “I do”

No, I didn’t get married.  But I did say “I do” yesterday.  One of my part-time jobs is serving as an election judge.  Yesterday we had three hours of training in preparation for the upcoming primary election.  At the conclusion of the training, we were sworn in as judges.  The oath of office was read to us and at the conclusion, with upraised right hand, we said, “I do.” 

The training went well, I thought.  The County Clerk kept the pace of the training moving right along.  The demonstration of how to set up the optical scanner which reads and records the ballots and the touch screen voting machine were like well choreographed dances.  Each person knew what to do and did it seamlessly.  In addition, we were given “cheat sheets” to follow just in case we would forget something between now and Election Day.

If you haven’t registered to vote, I highly recommend you do so.  Locally, you are too late to register to vote in this primary election but you need to be registered in order to vote in the November election when we select our next President as well as Senators, Congressmen, state and local officials and vote on various local issues like fire districts or school boards.    Procrastination in registering might mean you won’t be able to make your wishes known in the November election.  There are lots of places to register — license offices, libraries, etc. — but you can always do it at your local courthouse. 

By registering and voting, you too will be able to say “I do” to participation in our democratic form of government.

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