More good reads

The other day I wrote about some of my favorite authors.  I left quite a few out. 

I can’t imagine a summer without reading Lillian Jackson Braun’s The Cat Who books.  She has written a number of them and I believe I’ve read them all.  Jim Qwilleran seems like someone I really know.  How could you not enjoy the antics of Koko and Yum Yum?  Other characters who repeat from one book to the other feel like old friends.

Patricia Wentworth is another English writer I enjoy.  Her Miss Silver books are a slower paced read but as enjoyable as others which move at a quicker pace.  Miss Silver knits calmly as she untangles situations.  She really examples Elizabeth Zimmermann’s admonishment to “Knit on through all crisis.”

Carolyn Hart writes two series that I enjoy.  One features Henry O, an older woman who in some books is teaching at a midwestern college and in others is off investigating something or other.  Henry O is a retired investigative reporter and isn’t afraid to ask questions and poke her nose into things.  The second series is set on Broward Island, NC, and features Annie and Max Darling.  Annie owns Death on Demand, the finest bookstore east of Atlanta.  This bookstore only stocks mysteries.  That sounds like my kind of store!  Carolyn references lots of real mystery authors in the books.  I will never know as much about the mystery genre of fiction as a couple of her fictional characters but I have read some of their recommendations with enjoyment.

Back to England for another series I like — the Miss Seeton series.  Miss Seeton is a retired art teacher who is an innocent abroad, I think.  Somehow she and her brolly get involved in solving crimes that she doesn’t even realize are crimes.  Some in her village regard her as a witch.  The characters in the village add to enjoyment of the book.  After all, how could you not enjoy The Nuts’ escapades and how they manage to misunderstand everything. 

A local author, Rhett MacPherson writes about Torie who is a genealogist.  Torie lives in a small town which is south of St. Louis.  There is speculation which town Rhett is using for her fictional town.  My stance on it is that she’s using Kimmswick as her fictional New Kassel.  Others think it might be Cape Girardeau.  The reasons I don’t agree with that is that Torie will drive to Arnold (a real town) in 30 minutes from her fictional town.  That would not be true if the fictional town were based on Cape Girardeau.  The fictional town has a strong Germanic heritage.  That is not true of Cape Girardeau which has a French heritage.  I can’t readily identify the real life counterparts for other towns mentioned in the books.

Tell me what kind of books and authors you like to read — before my electric power goes off again.  I had this post almost written when the power went off so I’ve had to re-write it.

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