A “Garden” Thief

I don’t really have a garden.  The ground in my yard is a mixture of clay and rocks.  It would probably take a jackhammer to break it up enough to plant anything in it.  So my “garden” is limited to five big flower pots on my deck.  This year I planted three bean plants and two tomatoes in them.  One tomato plant had a tomato on it.  It was maybe two inches in diameter and I was eagerly waiting for it to ripen.  That will not be happening. 

When I went out yesterday to water my “garden,” I discovered something had broken off the top of that tomato plant and made off with my tomato!  I don’t know if squirrels are capable of this.  I have seen squirrels on the railing on the deck.  Once one was sunbathing on the flat rail and another time one was hunched onto a post with its tail up over its head.  If these squirrels see me looking at them through the window, they just return my gaze. 

I just better never see them actually picking any of my produce — if I ever get any.  There are several nickel size tomatoes on the other plant.  If I see a squirrel near those tomatoes, I might just take the broom to it.  So far, the beans haven’t even flowered so I don’t know if I’ll ever get any beans.  Hopefully, squirrels don’t like beans.  I wish they didn’t like my tomatoes.

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1 Response to A “Garden” Thief

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Yes, squirrels are. One year I had a terrible problem with squirrels taking my green tomatoes – they’d pull them off, take one bite out of them, decide they didn’t like them, and then leave them in the crook of the branch where they had been sitting. (And I saw them taking them, as well).

    This year for some reason they’re leaving my tomatoes alone. I don’t know if they’ve learned or if they just have some other source of food.

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