Summer’s Pleasure

What is your summer pleasure?  One of mine is curling up with a good book.  I love to read, mostly light entertaining things which I check out from the library.  My local library limits you to 15 items on your card at any one time.  I usually check out the limit each time I go.  We can keep the checked out items — except for new bestsellers and other new items — for three weeks.  It is not uncommon for me to return all 15 within two weeks.  The reason for this is the subject matter is light, entertaining and easy to read.  The other is I’ve been known to read to the exclusion of doing anything else.  Sometimes I stay up to the wee hours of the morning because I just must find out how the story ends.

Do you have favorite authors?  Some of mine are Emily Brightwell with her Mrs. Jeffrey mysteries.  These are set in Victorian England and I love them.  Sarah Graves’ mysteries set in Maine, chronicaling the life of Jacobia Tiptree are good reads.  I’ve read some more than once.  I love M. C. Beaton’s books, both the ones featuring Agatha Raisin and the ones with Scots detective Hamish MacPherson.  I’m not good at remembering authors and titles but I love the mysteries that include recipes like the Diane Mott Davidson books and JoAnn Fluke’s books. I also enjoy the stories featuring a pair of nuns, set for the most part in San Francisco, which are written by a nun.  These two elderly Sisters get in the hair of the SFPD detective as they “help” him solve murders.  One of the Sisters is Irish and has a saying from “back home” for every occasion.  I loved the Southern Sisters books and was heart-broken when I learned the author had died, just after I had discovered her books.  My hopes for many more stories about this pair were not to be realized.  For a meatier read, I like P. D. James.  And who could not enjoy a Mary Higgins Clark book?

As you can tell, the mystery section of my library draws me as a moth to a flame.  What do you read?

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1 Response to Summer’s Pleasure

  1. fillyjonk says:

    The Sister Mary Helen mysteries! Also a favorite of mine.

    I’ll have to look up Emily Brightwell; it sounds like I’d enjoy those too. I’ve been reading some of Anne Perry’s work (early Victorian times) and find those interesting. I also like the Sir John Fielding mysteries (which are a little earlier in their setting, like late 1700s). I haven’t read any of those in a while but the author died just as I was getting into the series and that made me kind of sad.

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