A potpourri

Last night I received a great compliment!  At my church, a variety of members are asked to write the devotional for the Sunday bulletin which is handed out at the end of the Sunday morning service.  I’m one of those writers.  As I was walking from the parking lot into the church for Bible study last night, one of the young fathers in the congregation told me he enjoyed the article I had written about vacations.  He said it was well-written.  Well, that would have been compliment enough by itself BUT I wrote that a year ago!  Do you think he had remembered it for a year?  Had he saved that particular bulletin and re-read it recently?  I’ll never know but I appreciated his letting me know he had enjoyed what I had written.  Can there be sweeter words to a writer?

I’ve been occupied for the last ten days or so with “end of life” paperwork … updating my trust documents, will, health directive etc.  Today at my meeting with the attorney, we went over the changes and I signed the new papers.  Part of the health directive dealt with did I want to donate various organs, etc.  The attorney said that people our age (we’re about the same age) usually say no.  I looked at him and said, “I intend to use them up.”  I wish you could have heard his laugh.  He agreed he intends to use his organs up too.

What kind of lawn chair do you have?  I had some of the ones which were woven webbing over an aluminum frame.  In the last couple of years, I had two of them to collapse under me at two different outdoor concerts.  In both instances, I was sitting on a slope and perhaps it was just too much strain on these elderly chairs which twisted and collapsed, leaving me in the grass.  After all, these had been my mother’s chairs and she passed away in the early 70s.  I then purchased one of those camping chairs which folds up and is inserted into a canvas tube with a strap on it.  It is very easy to carry to these concerts since you can sling it over your shoulder.  However, it is very difficult to get out of once your bottom has sunk into it, especially if you have fussy knees.  So today when I went past Family Dollar and I saw they had a couple of chairs similar to my old web ones sitting outside, I made up my mind to buy one of those.  After all, the concert season starts Monday and I will need/want a chair to take with me.  My new chair isn’t woven strips but a more solid piece of fabric and quite pretty.  It won’t be as easy to carry but I’m sure it will be more comfortable to sit in and knit while listening to the concert.


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