It’s started

The county where I live allows sales of fireworks.  There is at least one fireworks stand at every exit on the highway.  They are not allowed to actually sell anything until about three weeks prior to July 4.  As soon as the stands open, the fireworks start.  I sit here at my computer most evenings and hear someone in the area shooting off fireworks.  The number and fire power of the fireworks steadily increase until the actual July 4 holiday.  I really don’t need to go to any civic fireworks display.  I can see similar displays from my own porch or deck.  There are times it sounds like I live in a war zone.  I’m thankful that as a rule, things are quiet once July 5 arrives.  The only fireworks I hear then are a few leftover ones.  It’s as if the shooters are exhausted after three weeks of fireworks.  More fireworks may be set off for New Year’s but things go back to normal on July 5.

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1 Response to It’s started

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Same here.

    I remember one very dry year, I hardly slept at all that week, because I kept imagining, “Gotta be ready to run out and spray down the roof with the hose if a bottle rocket lands on it!”

    I really don’t like random loud noises so I’m not terribly happy with the amateur fireworks. I like the pretty things but the stuff that sounds like gunfire stresses me out.

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