Potluck lunch a success

Today was the Knitters’ Guild’s annual potluck lunch.  We held it at a new-to-us facility.  Some liked it better than our “normal” place but I think I prefer the old one.  Had a great turnout of knitters.  Some were selling things but I didn’t go around to look at what was on offer.  I really don’t need to be adding to my stash. 

One of the favorite things at the potluck lunch — besides tasting all these great dishes — is our white elephant exchange.  This year instead of getting to pick the package when your number was called, someone else picked a package and brought it to you.  I watched the woman who got the package I donated.  She seemed pleased to get the leftover cotton yarn from my green/blue/yellow sweater.  I’m pleased she now has it because knitting that stuff made my hands very sore.  I received a copy of “The Friday Night Knitting Club”, a book I’ve been wanting to read so I was pleased too. 

There were quite a few new members at the lunch.  It was great to see (and meet) them but I missed some of the stalwart elderly members.  I just hope they’re all in good health and had something else that was fun to attend today that conflicted with our lunch.

The baby items which were knitted as a result of the challenge given to us at the Founders Lunch were cute.  But I noticed several of them had to have additional yarn added in order to complete the item.  There were hats and little sweaters and one or two blankets (those definitely had added yarn).  I did not get mine finished but will continue to work on it and turn it in at the July meeting.  I’m on the first sleeve of the sweater.  I need to knit the sleeves and the button/buttonhold bands.  I’m thankful that L gave me her yarn at the Founders’ luncheon so I’ll have enough yarn to finish the sweater.  If there’s enough, I want to make a hat too. 

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