Success at last … and a new quest

Success!  After visiting eight (count them, 8!) shoe stores/departments, I finally have some new summer shoes.  One pair is white and one is a beige color called wheat.  They are both the same style.  The heel isn’t as high as what I had hoped to find but after all my searches, I was just pleased to find summer shoes in my size.  They were more expensive than I usually pay but (see end of previous sentence).

My new quest involves a recipe.  A number of years ago Bisquik developed some “impossible” pies.  They involved eggs and about a half cup of Bisquik and made their own crust (not really a crust but more like a crustless quiche).  I’ve used the Impossible Coconut Pie numerous times and it always goes over well.  I made another one which has a name I cannot spell but included vegetables in it like eggplant and zucchini and tomatoes (?).  That recipe I cannot find.  Does anyone have this recipe?  Are you willing to share it? 


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