Seems like it never fails

Whenever I want to buy something and have the money to pay for it, I can’t find it.  This was proven true again today.  My sister and I went shopping.  She had something she wanted to get for her daughter’s upcoming birthday and I was in search of a pair of summer shoes.  We found the insignificant things we wanted like paper plates and potassium tablets but her major item and my shoes were no where to be found.  We had the money to buy them; we just couldn’t find them.  It’s a real puzzle.  Now, if we hadn’t had a cent to spend, we’d have found several models of her item and I would have been hard pressed to pick between shoes.

My shoe situation also prompts another thing to ponder.  Why is it that I can’t find a pair of summer dress shoes in June?  We haven’t even had the first day of summer yet but there are no summer dress shoes available for a “woman of a certain age.”  I don’t want slides; I don’t really want sandals since I must wear compression stockings.  I want a pair of closed toe pumps with a nice maybe inch and a half heel on them.  I’d like them to be bone or white.  They are no where to be found.  As soon as the summer is over and when I have no money left to splurge on them, they’ll probably turn up on the clearance racks.  If they do, you better believe I’m going to grab them even if it means skimping on the grocery money that week.  At least I’ll have shoes for next summer.

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