Email mysteries

My email issues remain somewhat of a mystery.  I’ve had two “live chat” sessions with my ISP provider trying to solve the problem of why email from my friend in New Zealand hasn’t gotten through.  No matter what I tried from here, it didn’t seem to improve things.  So I did the only thing I knew to do — brought in the kids!  I sent email to her son and daughter asking for their help.  The family flew into action.  They sent email to me from three different addresses, using three different Internet providers.  None of them got here.  But they were able to determine that all mail from was being blocked.  I set up a Hotmail address and we tried using that.  Messages got through on that address.  Then I posted a comment on a “communications team website” belonging to my ISP  and, lo and behold, hours later the first email I got through … on my normal email address.  The latest episode in this saga is that now my browser can’t find the page for the Hotmail address.  It’s all a mystery to me.

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