I saw some daredevils this afternoon.  I was on the Interstate, driving to a graduation party in a town about 25 miles away.  There I was, merrily traveling the speed limit in the right hand lane when the first daredevil passed me.  It was a motorcycle which varoomed by at a high rate of speed.  The noise startled me since I had not seen it coming.  But what was even more frightening was the driver reared up on the back wheel just as he went by me.  I watched with my heart in my throat as he zoomed on down the highway — on just the back wheel!  The motorcycle was nearly vertical.  Then to make matters even worse, here came another one doing the same thing.  Two more motorcycles came by.  I assume they were all in a group but at least the latter two kept both wheels on the pavement.  I’m not sure how long the daredevils rode on just their back wheels before coming to earth.  I expected every moment to see a terrible accident but, praises be, it didn’t happen while I was on the highway.

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    Apparently this is a trend now – I read a newspaper article about this over my break. There’s a whole subset of bikers who have these fancy, souped-up Japanese bikes that like to go out and do crazy stunts on them.

    Cops – at least cops in KC (I think that was where the story originated) – are trying to stop and fine them because they don’t want the trend spreading (Obviously, it endangers motorists).

    I don’t know. I know enough people who have worked in ERs (both as interns and as chaplains) to feel that I’d not want to get on the back of a motorcycle, and I’d not want any family member of mine “stunting” on one.

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