Sadness and Dilemna

Sunday morning the pastor announced that C and M’s baby had passed away on Saturday.  He had to stop talking for a few minutes because he was crying.  There were lots of tears in the congregation.  We have a number of new babies in the church this spring and all those mothers hugged their baby just a little closer, knowing it is only God’s grace that they are not in C’s position. 

C was in the hospital for about a week a few weeks ago.  It was determined then that the baby had some health issues and would need to be delivered by Casearian at one of the leading medical center hospitals so it could be whisked over to Children’s Hospital in the same complex right away.  My heart just grieves for C.  I do hope she was able to cuddle her little one before saying good-by to her.

Remember the red chenille-y top down sweater I was knitting?  It was for C’s baby.  I have the body almost finished but still need to do the sleeves.  I’m going to finish it and put it away in the hopes that C will have a healthy baby to wear it in the future.  I just can’t feel right about giving it to anyone else.

So what’s the dilemna?  The red sweater was my third pay-it-forward gift.  What do I do now?  I have given three baby gifts … a green sweater and hat, two pair of Mary Jane with socks booties, and the green/blue/yellow sweater.  Can the booties or the peach sweater I’m currently knitting count for my third pay it forward gift?


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