It should work …

I’m busy knitting another baby gift.  This is a peach colored sweater.  I’m using a Classic Elite pattern for a cardigan knit in pieces.  On the fronts is a leaf lace pattern.  I knit the left front.  Started the right one and got the bright idea to knit the lace chart starting on the left side instead of the right so that the lace is reversed.  I thought it should work but so far I’ve ripped that front out at least twice.  I planned to take it to B&N to work on today so I could explain how to work the lace from a chart to my student.  Got there with yarn, needles and sweater in progress but the pattern was at home on the computer desk.  Rats!  Fortunately, I had the red chenille-like sweater with me too and could work on it since I had that pattern with me.  I still think reversing the chart should work but if I can’t persuade it to cooperate tomorrow, I’ll cave in and knit it identical to the left front.  I’ve got to get this peach sweater completed … the shower is May 30!


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