Nice afternoon among the flowers

Several days ago I received an invitation to a tram tour and lecture at the Botanical Gardens.  The event was today.  I phoned in my RSVP and was really looking forward to it.  I fully intended to take my camera but, alas and alack, it remained at home.

Getting to the Gardens caused my blood pressure to elevate.  The quick way would have been down the Interstate but the highway department in their infinite wisdom closed three lanes of it today for some resurfacing work or something so that was not a good route to take.  Neither was the one I took.  I hit lots of red lights and knew I’d never make it on time.  I turned into the parking lot with about three minutes to spare.  They — and some others — were spent trying to find a place to park.  Finally, I got inside and looked for someone who could tell me where to go.

I met a nice young woman who told me the tour had left at 1:30 (scheduled time) right on the dot.  I said I knew I was late but I had been held up in traffic and trying to find parking.  Since they had already left, I guessed I would go home.  At that, this nice young woman said there was a regularly scheduled Garden tour leaving at 2 p.m. and she’d put me on it if I wanted to do that.  I decided that’s what I would do.

What a nice way to see the Gardens!  The tour guide gave a history of the Gardens and described the various sections as we slowly rode along.  There is a sculpture exhibit currently on display and he gave some information about the various pieces.  They look, to me, like they are covered in mosaics … bits of glass and tiles, etc.  Bright and colorful and designed so children can climb on them.  Some of the figures are called Nanas and are meant to be women.  I noticed they have big hips and small heads.  Not sure what the artist is saying there.  All the sculptures are interesting and I want to go back before the exhibit is over and take some pictures.  I was pleased to see some of the Chihuly pieces which had been on display last summer had been purchased and are still in the Gardens.

All in all, it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.  The beauty around me worked on my blood pressure and I think it was back to normal by the time I left to come home.

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