Whose house is this?

Yesteday I went out to get the newspaper which was in the drive.  A small dog, trailing a leash behind him, came charging toward me, barking.  He did not like me coming into his driveway.  But when I looked at him and insisted on walking toward him, he turned tail and ran back toward his owner who laughed and called him silly.  He continued to bark.  She did not pick up his leash.  I’m not sure why he even had a leash since it was just trailing behind him.  Paper in my hand, I turned to go back in the house.  Dog came running after me, barking to let me know I should get out of the drive.  He stopped at the edge of the porch but looked like he was going to follow me to the door for a minute or two.  I don’t know the dog or the woman who was with him.

Today I went out to collect the newspaper.  A bigger black dog barked to let me know he didn’t like me coming into his drive.  No owner was with him and he was off leash.  I got the paper and came back to the house.  The black dog kept coming, barking, until I was safely inside the door.  I’m not sure but what this dog lives at the house across the side street.  It was obvious he didn’t like me getting the papepr.

Makes me wonder whose house this is.  Is it mine or does it belong to the neighborhood dogs?

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