Good reports

So far, today has been a day of good reports.

A little background … the weather here has been changeable to say the least.  Last week it was warm enough I turned on the air conditioning.  It didn’t seem to be real effective though but did cool the house some.  Over the weekend a cold front came through and the temperatures dropped … significantly.  I, of course, turned on the furnace.  There were freeze warnings last night and the vinters in the area had some concerns about their grape crop this year.  They lost last years due to an unseasonable ice storm.  As far as I know, the low temperature was 35 last night so the grapes — and the rest of us — didn’t freeze.

However, I was far from warm.  I couldn’t hear the furnace come on and nothing was coming from the air vents.  When I got up this morning, the temp in the house was 55 which is decidedly on the nippy side.  I called the furnace people and arranged for someone to come out today.  I had visions of being told I would need to replace the furnace.  My poor budget was reeling since it hasn’t recovered from installing the new bathroom fixtures.  But the service person found some tiny thing which was clogged and a popout valve which needed to be replaced.  Even though it was an expense I hadn’t budgeted for, it was MUCH less than having to replace the furnace.  Her report of the problem was definitely good news today.

Earlier today I had an appointment with my new doctor.  I had to switch doctors because of insurance coverage.  I must say, so far I like this new doctor.  After checking everything, he said I’m managing my health issues well.  Another good report! 


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