Questions, I got questions

Today I have no tale to spin for you but I have some questions.

  1. How often do you check/read a blog?
  2. Do you read the same blogs every day/week?
  3. What prompts you to leave a comment?
  4. Does the lack of pictures influence your blog reading?

I haven’t been to the library for several weeks — not since we had a deep snow which closed the library for the weekend about a month ago — so I’ve been re-reading books from my personal library.  This circumstance prompts the next couple of questions:

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. Do you enjoy a book as much on the second reading?



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2 Responses to Questions, I got questions

  1. fillyjonk says:

    1. I usually check daily except when I’m extremely busy and have no computer time.

    2. Yes, I have my little list that I particularly enjoy and read regularly. There are a few I check up on once in a while or if someone links to a particularly good post on them.

    3. If there’s something I relate to, or if the person asks a question I can answer, or if they have an experience like one I’ve had. Or if they post something really neat they made.

    4. Not particularly. I’m less likely to read a blog that’s ALL pictures with little writing.

    As for the reading:

    1. “The Silver Pigs” by Lindsey Davis, mystery set in ancient Rome. Also reading a book called “Larklight,” which is actually aimed at ‘tweens but it’s an interesting science-fiction/Victoriana mashup and is quite amusing to read.

    2. It depends a lot on the book. I find I’m more prone to read essays (I have a book of Madeleine L’Engle’s writings on faith that I think I’ve read about every year since I first read it) and enjoy them a second time around. Fiction, often less so – if I know how it came out I sometimes am not interested in re-reading. Some books I NEED to re-read if they’re difficult or if I don’t get everything out of them the first time; I think sometime I need to pull Chesterton’s “Orthodoxy” off the shelf again and have another go at it.

  2. diann says:

    1. I try to check my list of usual suspects every day. Usually this works, but there are occasional days when I just don’t have time, and it feels very strange to miss a day.

    2. Usually. I am always looking for new and interesting blogs to read; the inspiration and creativity can be almost intoxicating. There’s also the entertainment factor to consider: some blogs just make me happy to read, so I do.

    3. Questions that are just “pandering for comments”. Something really amazing that they’ve made, designed, cooked, or whatever. Maybe they’ve written something that really annoyed me – often I’ll tell them so!

    4. Not at all. I like pictures but I like words too. A blog that’s all pictures makes me wonder if the author can write at all.

    Regarding reading…

    I read either professional journals (boring, unless you’re a project manager) or for relaxation. My preferred relaxation reading is a mystery of some sort. I just finished “Murder – Then and Now” by McGown and started “The Old Wine Shades” by Martha Grimes.

    I love to re-read books, even mysteries! I read so many a year (between 150 and 200) that I tend to forget the plots. There are favorite authors that I re-read whenever I want to recapture the feelings I get from their characters or locations.

    Knitting books get read and reread all the time.

    Regarding your fashion post: Diana, Princess of Wales started the no-stocking thing when she visited the White House without. That showed a distinct (to me, at least) lack of breeding. Stiletto heels without stockings always remind me of “working girls” in the North Beach area of SF!

    The unflattering “maternity looking” tops and the tight actual maternity tops, the leggings with skirts – whatever. Ditto the short swingy jackets. Aside from the fact that I’m short (5’3″) and chunky, they just don’t do anything for me. I have taken some of the knitted short jackets and made them longer – love them in the right proportions for me. I wear classics and have since I was 12 (so sue me!).

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