Fashion Musings

As the daughter of a seamstress, fashion — to some extent — has always been a part of my life.  But after watching Mother try to satisfy a customer who wanted the sleeves from one pattern put in the bodice of a different pattern and that attached to the skirt of still a different pattern, I wasn’t interested enough to make fashion my career.  Serving as Mother’s draping model (in my thinner days) was enough.

Now in my senior years, I’m more interested in wearing classic clothes that fit well and look nice on me.  Fads, for the most part, go right by me.  That doesn’t stop me wondering about some of them though.  My exposure to them is usually through the young girls (teens and early 20s) at church.  I’m left with some questions:

  1. What’s wrong with wearing stockings?  Hardly any of the young girls/women wear stockings any more.  I can understand that to some extent if it’s summer with its hot temperatures and high humidities.  But in the winter … in the cold … with sandals?  Seems to me those bare toes are at risk of frostbite.
  2. Who declared this to be the year of the “pregnant” top?  It seems that all the new tops on the young women I come across are a style which makes them look pregnant.  Heaven forbid they have a tummy to go with their new top!  And the girls who are actually pregnant wear skin-tight knit tops which are stretched to show their navel shining through the fabric.  This style is different from what I know as an Empire style.  That style had an elevated waistline but fell smoothly over the rest of the body.  These tops have the Empire waistline but with gathers under it, adding to the pregnant look.
  3. What’s with the leggings worn with skirt look?  I bite my tongue to keep from asking if there wasn’t time after their workout at the gym for them to get dressed.  The leggings stop just above the ankle and we have those bare toes in sandals to finish off the look.  Just picture it … a “pregnant” top over a skirt over leggings.  This is not fashion in my book.
  4. Another style which has me puzzled is the plethora of short full jackets, usually closed with one large button at the neckline.  These stop just above the waist and often include an inverted pleat in the center back.  They are definitely cut to add swing to the hem.  I haven’t seen anyone wearing one that really looked good in it.  Sadly, this is one style that even the older ladies are embracing.



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1 Response to Fashion Musings

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I find it very hard to give up the wearing-of-stockings, even when I teach in the summer and it is HOT. I guess I grew up having absorbed the idea that “proper ladies” wear stockings.

    As for #3, I saw an instance of that the other day and wondered, “Oh no…have I timewarped back to 1985?”

    I’m just grateful that it’s once again easy to find non-low-rider jeans. For a couple of years there I was buying my jeans exclusively at the “farm store,” because apparently farm women have more sense than the fashion designers in the matter of not wanting unseemly parts of your anatomy to show.

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