Answers to Flower Quiz

Have you tried the flower quiz I posted a few days ago?  If you have and are wondering how you did, here is the list of correct answers:

  1. This flower is called this because it blooms early in the day.  Morning glory
  2. This flower’s name is Latin and means “star.”  aster
  3. This flower was named after Dr. Alexander Garden.  gardenia
  4. This flower’s name means “first rose.”  primrose
  5. The name of this flower means “blue.”  lilac
  6. This flower can live 100 years or more if undisturbed.  peony
  7. The corms of this flower are edible and are said to taste like chestnuts.  gladiolus
  8. This flower, in spite of its name, is poisonous.  sweet pea
  9. This flower is also known as “bridal wreath.”  spirea
  10. The botanical name of this flower is Digitalis.  foxglove
  11. The botanical name of this flower is Cornus.  dogwood
  12. This flower is associated with the sun and blooms when everything else wilts.  marigold
  13. The Romans believed this flower’s sap could heal wounds.  daffodil
  14. This flower has been used since ancient times to make perfume and scent soaps.  lavendar
  15. This flower originally came from Mexico where it was called “mal de ojos.”  zinnia

So how did you do?  This quiz was taken from “100 Flowers and How They Got Their Names” by Diana Wells and was printed on our placemats at the Women’s Ministry luncheon at church.  No one at the luncheon got them all correct.


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