Baby Shower and Lawn Services

The baby shower this afternoon for which I knitted the Mary Jane baby booties was well attended.  My gift was greeted with “How cute!” when it was opened.  Someone asked if I had made them and I said yes.  I did notice that my gift was very modest compared to the other gifts today.  Instead of someone giving a sleeper, they gave three plus several other items.  I wondered how they managed to cram so much into the gift bags.  I remember back to the days when I was young and first going to baby showers.  Gifts were much more modest back then but just as enthusiastically given and welcomed.  I ponder what has caused this inflation in gift giving.  Years ago, hand-crafted gifts were more the norm.  Today there was only one other hand-crafted gift, a crocheted blanket with a bear head making a pocket on one corner. 

Fillyjonk the other day wrote something about cutting her yard with a reel mower and wondered why people use lawn services.  I can’t speak for others but I use a lawn service because I’m allergic to grass and several tree pollens.  When I lived in a different house with a much smaller yard, I did cut my own yard with my electric mower, purchased after the reel mower I had lost a vital part and quit reeling.  Now, my lot is bigger, has a steep slope in the back yard, and only one outdoor electric outlet so even though I have a 120 foot extension cord, I cannot do the entire yard unless I plug the mower into an outlet in the house and run the cord out through the patio door.  When I used to cut my own grass, I had to wear knee socks, long skirts, long sleeves, a dust mask and a hat and then shower the minute I got back in the house or I would scratch until I brought blood. 

When I first moved to this house, I tried cutting the grass myself.  After I fell the first few times I tried to cut the slope, I gave up.  I hired a neighborhood teen to cut the grass.  That worked out pretty well except he mowed down all the flowers I had planted.  I’d call and tell him the grass needed cutting and he’d come the next day or so and do it.  The next summer he had his driving license so was working fast food or something much “cooler” than cutting grass.  I tried another neighborhood boy.  That was a disaster and sent me to the Yellow Pages to find a lawn service.  I selected a local company and I’ve been very pleased.  They have the contract to cut the lawns at nearby apartment complexes as well as for individuals like me.  They keep track of how much rain we get so they know whether or not the grass needs cutting.  They only come when it does.  They clean up the clippings, blowing them back onto the lawn so they can naturally fertilize it.  In short, they do a much better job than I ever did when I cut my own grass.  When I first started doing business with them, I did a fair bit of traveling.  It was so nice to know I could go away for a week or ten days and not have to worry about long, uncut grass tipping off the neighborhood burglar to my absence.

So I guess people use a lawn service for a variety of reasons.  It might be viewed as a luxury by some but for me it’s more of an health expense.  I hope I can continue to afford to have them come and take care of my yard for me.

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