Earth Hour

Did you participate in Earth Hour?  I sort of did.  I was late getting my lights off but I did turn off all the electric lights in my house.  I wondered if my neighbors would be doing the same.  When I looked out, it didn’t appear that they were, except for the people in the house across the street.  One thing I wondered about was why the electric utility didn’t turn off the street lights.  The ones in my subdivision were burning just like always.  Perhaps they thought it was a security issue.

What do you do in the dark for an hour?  I decided to take a bath.  I have my new tub which you must get in before you turn on the water so that would take some time.  I gathered up the two candles I could readily find and took a bath by candlelight.  Sure am glad I don’t have to do that very often!  If I were to make a regular habit of it, I’d want more than two candles, that’s for sure.  It takes a long time for the water to fill the tub so I still have not used the hydrotherapy feature.  I get impatient waiting for the water to get high enough.  Tonight I gave up when it reached about my knees as I sat in the tub on the built-in seat.  I decided that was enough water for a bath.

When I was growing up, we lived in what was called a cold water flat.  It was an apartment without hot water.  To do anything requiring hot water, you had to heat it in a bucket or tub on the cooking stove.  So I grew up taking baths in about two inches of water.  Somehow sitting in my new tub in deep water just seems very extravagant and in some ways wasteful. 

As I considered Earth Hour and why we turned off our lights, I wondered about all the lights on clock radios and microwaves and other appliances.  I didn’t turn those off.  Did you?  Did turning off our lights really make an impact?  What do you think?

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