Eek! I’m getting deadlines.

In addition to the shower for the Youth Pastor’s wife’s baby gift, I now have another knitting deadline.  I was invited to a shower on May 3 for another one of our prospective new mothers.  Her baby is due in June and I’ve been working on the top down raglan sweater in a brightly colored blue/green/yellow variegated yarn for her.  I’ve had to interrupt working on it, though, in order to knit the booties for the Youth Pastor’s wife.  That means I have approximately two weeks less time to finish the sweater.  Good thing I’m working on the sleeves now.  Once they’re knitted, I will just have to seam them and sew on the buttons.  I had hoped to knit a hat to go with the sweater but I don’t know if I’m going to get that accomplished.  The cotton yarn I’m using really makes my hands sore.  On the bootie front, I’m approaching the sole of the first bootie so if my hands will cooperate and quit hurting, I might just be able to get two pair knit in time for the shower.  But I don’t like knitting to deadlines.

We have another girl whose baby is due in June.  However, it is a most uncooperative baby.  She’s had three ultrasounds and Baby won’t cooperate so they can tell the gender.  She really wants to know.  I do too!  If she’s having a girl like the other new mothers have been having, I have a cute little jumper style dress I’d like to knit for her.  It’s stockinette with a garter stitch bodice so should go fairly quickly.  But maybe I should just play it safe and knit another one of these top down raglan sweaters.   Whichever I do, I’m planning to use TLC Amore in red for it.  I think my hands will be happier.

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