Knitting Group Fun

Tuesday finds a group of knitters meeting at our local Borders for a couple of hours of fun and fellowship.  I started a new baby present today.  I learned Sunday that there will be a shower for our Youth Pastor’s wife on April 12 and after some thought, I decided to knit a couple of pair of booties for a gift.  This is their third child (but first since coming to our church) so she probably has some things already.  In the new issue of Creative Knitting is a pattern for Mary Jane booties.  I, fortunately, have some Vanna acrylic yarn which is working up very nicely.  I like that these are knit flat and then seamed.  I think that is going to be easier than if I were trying to do these cute little booties in the round.  They look just like a pair of Mary Jane shoes worn with white socks.   The first one was half finished already by the time I left Borders.  This pair will be black “shoes” with white socks and if I get a second pair done, I think I’ll make the “shoes” red.  I have some red TLC Amore that might work up well.

We were so pleased to see two knitters who haven’t been with us since last summer.  G, the older one, was so proud.  She has learned to knit socks since she was last with us.  Her daughter, D, is a teacher so they can only join us during the school holidays and, of course, both Christmas and New Year’s fell on Tuesday this year so we weren’t at Borders.  It was so good to see them and their enthusiasm.  D wants to have a knitting class at her school during the summer.

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