Not your normal Tuesday

Today got a rather rough start.  I woke in the wee hours with pain in my stomach.  Not the usual kind of upset tummy pain but more like a Charley Horse in my stomach if you can imagine that.  The pain eased a bit after I ate breakfast but the pain did not go away.

I couldn’t let some pain interrupt my plans though so away I went  … to a meeting of reading tutors in a nearby town.  I tutor first and second graders in their school district.  This was our monthly meeting.  The turnout was small because, we decided, of the weather.  It started raining last night and has continued to rain all day.  Along with the rain came mist and fog which meant you could not see very far in front of you as you drove, winding around the curves in the roads.  Embedded in the rain were some small thunderstorms with lightening and its accompanying thunder.  Strange weather.  But we took comfort in the fact that it was in the 50s and the stuff wouldn’t be freezing and needing shoveling.  Must take comfort where you can get it.

At lunch time the teachers at the school where I volunteer had a potluck lunch for all the volunteers in the building.  The counselor who organized the lunch said there were 90+ volunteers but she only got RSVPs from 24.  The food was delicious as is usual at a potluck.  I ate too much. 

So my stomach continued to hurt all afternooon.  I finally gave in and slept on the couch for an hour and a half.  Tummy felt a mite better.  I decided rather than leftover corned beef and cabbage, I’d take pity on it and have breakfast for dinner.  In this instance it was cereal with a banana and toast.  You know, I think the pain is gone now.

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