Thank you

Thank you for leftovers!  As I drove home from the Knitters Guild meeting on Saturday, I gave a passing thought to dinner.  Oh, yes!  I have leftovers from Friday which will make dinner a quick matter.  That was important to me because I wanted to go to the symphony.

Our local symphony has  program of giving out 50 free tickets to orchestral concerts.  You must arrive 90 minutes prior to the concert so having a quick dinner and heading across town to the hall was important.  I managed to find a close on-street parking spot and was at the mid-point in the line for the free tickets.  Once my ticket was clutched in my hand, I headed into the hall for the pre-concert lecture which, as always, was very interesting.

Then it was on to the concert.  The program included some music I’d never heard and was very cleverly constructed with two shorter pieces in the first half and a longer tone poem thing in the last half.  Two of them were constructed sort of like a symphony in three parts but had no breaks between the movements.  Thanks to the pre-concert lecture, I was able to identify the movement from one part to the next because the lecturer had played excerpts illustrating that.  It was a most enjoyable evening.

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