Productive day

Yesterday was a productive day.  I started by going to the bank to take care of some financial matters connect to my bathroom renovations.  Next stop was at the doctor’s office to get a prescription for the tub so I would be able to take a tax deduction for it on my income tax next year.  The salesman told me that it was a medical device and tax deductible.  I decided I’d better have some kind of back-up documentation from the doctor to keep me out of trouble with the IRS.  The doctor agreed.  He wrote the prescription saying I needed the walk-in tub for my degenerative disk disease and the hydrotherapy for diabetic foot conditions.  We agreed; better to have some documentation and not need it than the reverse. 

Came home from there and addressed some letters I had written the day before and got them in the mail.  Then it was off to the accountant’s office to pick up my tax returns for this year.  Since I was closer to the site for the monthly Knitters’ Guild meeting than I was home, I stopped in a McDonald’s for lunch and then headed to the library for the knit meeting.  I was, of course, early so I asked about using their computers for checking my email.  Since I live in a different county, my library card wasn’t accepted but they gave me a guest one.  I had limited success because something was going on with their computer system.  Everything was very slow.

The Guild meeting was very interesting.  Our speaker this month was a member who has an alpaca farm.  She did a slide presentation and they are such cute animals!  She gave us a lot of information about them.  She also had samples of their blanket (raw fleece), roving and spun yarn as well as a few completed garments and other items.

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