Crisis averted

I had some time between finishing tutoring the kids in reading and my appointment to have my car safety inspected.  I stopped at the county library which is about half-way between the two places and used their computer to check email.  I also wanted to place an order via the web.  I found the items I wanted, completed the order to the checkout screen.  I reached for my credit card.  It wasn’t in my wallet.  Oh, no!  Where was it?  I had lost it?  Had I left it somewhere?  Panic nearly set in.  But some hours later after quiet reflection on where I had last left it and a search of the pockets in at least three coats, I found my card.  I had put it in my pocket after purchasing gas several days earlier.  Crisis averted!

New crisis looms … we’re in the midst of a winter storm of sleet, freezing rain, and snow.  Roads will no doubt be difficult to navigate since it’s cold enough I’m not sure salt or ice melt will do much.  Probably be a good idea to stay home and knit.

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