Home improvements

I am a little surprised how quickly the bathroom renovations are coming together.  It was just a week ago that I met with the salesman for the Premier bathtub.  It is to be delivered next Monday.  Installation is to start on Tuesday.  The salesman was true to his word and helped me find a handyman to install a new toilet since the tub installers can’t do that (company rules, I think; not a lack of knowledge or ability on their part).  Handyman was here over the weekend taking measurements.  Given his guidance I visited Home Depot today and purchased toilet and new flooring.  That stuff is in Will Call waiting for the bowl to come in since it had to be special ordered.  At last I will be rid of that harvest gold tub and toilet!  Joy! 

Next stop was home to make some phone calls re the finances for this project and then a trip to the bank.  I had some Series EE bonds I wanted to cash.  I learned that they now take 18 years to mature.  Don’t know where I’ve been but I thought they matured in 10 years.  So I didn’t have as many funds available as I thought but I’m happy that I have managed to gather up the money to pay for the installation of the tub.  The Home Depot purchases are on my credit card with them and I still don’t know what the handyman will charge me.

Went to the knitting group at Borders this morning.  It was good to see everyone again.  It’s been several weeks since we all gathered due to icy streets, the flu, and various other ailments.  I’ll have to miss again next week due to my home renovations but, oh, I’m looking forward to my new bathtub.  Isn’t it silly to get so excited over such an ordinary thing?

I reported to them that my job of knit instructor at Michaels is coming to an end.  Michaels is eliminating all their classes except for cake decorating effective March 31.  Don’t know what I’ll find to do to replace that income but I need to find something.  The most immediate thought is to gather up some of my writings and publish them on Lulu.com. 

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